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It 2017

In the summer of 1989, a group of spiritually-minded children to destroy a moving monster, which hides itself as comedians and children bend Derry, their small municipality.


WriterMushetiti Andy:

Running Palmer (Situation), Jodie Carey Fukunaha (Situation) (as Cary Fukunaga) | In the city the local children of Derry disappeared after another. In the area called The Barrens, a group of seven children attended a surprising summit with poor ducklings and intending to kill her.

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The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Young Clara needs a unique unique key to open a box of precious gifts. The golden thread leads to the desired key, but soon disappears into a strange and mysterious parallel world. In this world, a soldier named Philip, a group of rats and a regime, likes to lead the fields. Clara and Philip must now enter the fourth area to get the key and restore unstable land harmony.

A young girl is transported to the magical world of gingerbread warriors and miceangel.


Halstrom Lase, Author Joe Johnstone:

AshleyPower (Screen Story), Ashley Bowell (Scenario Bi) All Clara likes the key – a button with a button that will unlock the box that has a gift that cannot be revealed from her late mother. The Golden Thread, presented at the annual goddess Drosselmayer party, leads to the desired key – which soon disappears into a strange and mysterious parallel world. There is Claravojnik named Philip, a group of rats and ruling shepherdsThree kingdoms: snowflakes country, flower country and country with sweets. Clara and Philip must be brave enough to be tortured by the fourth empire, Mother Ginger’s domestic tyranny, to find the key to Klara and hope to restore unstable world harmony.

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A 2017


Andy’s Mushieti;

Chase Palmer (salad), the largest Yogya Fukunaga (author) (Mass Fukunaga) in the city of Derry, local children are disappearing one by one. Barrens place it is said, the group of seven gods, children, and profligate buffoon, a fierce contest began, and the will to kill.

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Escape Plan 2

Tough movie 2013 by Ray Breslin, security specialist, who used to test the reliability of the key safety box.

Director: Steven C. Miller

Author: Miles Chapman

Revelation: Dave Bautista, Baylee Curran,Sylvester Stallone

Category: Action | thriller

Country: China | USA

More: Escape Maps 2

Source: DVD NTSC R1 – Thanks to Bud ๐Ÿ™‚

ViDEO: 1700 Kbps -2 pass route


RUNTiME: 1h 33m 43s

Topic: No

AUDiO: 448 Kbps AC3



Special game: DDHD and KING_DVD HITMANSR OmNiC

Comments: Fun.

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Venom 2018 CAM

When Eddie Brock gets the symbolic power, he needs to release the “Juniper” ego to save his life.

Directed by: Ruben Fleischer

Author: Jeff Pinker (screenplay), Scott Rosenberg (script)

Star: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Reese Ahmed

Types: Action | Sci-Fi horror | detective story



Language: Latino

Video: MPEG4 (H264) 720×302 video 2004 kb / s

Audio: Stereo Dolby AC3 48000Hz 224 kbps

When Eddie Brock took over the symbolic power, theymatimelepaskan your alter ego will “Yadov” to save his life.

Directed by:

Written by Ruben Fleischer:

Jeff Pinkner (script), Scott Rosenberg (script) When Eddie Brocksimbiote capture power, he will announce the euphemia “Juniper” to save his life.

TY FOXPRO Source Speed โ€‹โ€‹of transmission: 1713 kb / Resolution: 720 304 Frame rate: 30,000 fps display rate: 1Audio: – project codec: AC3 selection rate: kHz Transmission speed: 128kbps channel (s): 2 Time Runtime: 01h29m: Size file: Example:messageYour date: 2018/07/10 Language: Bahasa Inggeris Note. # ETRG- To avoid counterfeiting, always check that torrent is added by TRG to support our move, to pass Bitcoin: 3PaWcF82GoygLH9z4d7AocH6zcF6m15Wdv

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Sing 2018

It’s in the world like ours, but it’s completely finished with the animals, It’s a star Buster Moon, a famous koala that leads to a big breakdown of difficult times. Buster is an eternal hope: it’s true, maybe a bit – who likes his hall exactly and will do anything to keep it. Now that they are confronted with the crunch of their desire, they have the opportunity to restore their evil stone in its former glory to the most powerful abilitiesto bring forth the world.

In the city of the humanoid, an effort of the theater entrepreneur who saves his theater and the opponent’s opponent becomes much larger than expected, although his players find that their life will not be the same.


Garth Jennings, Christophe Lourdelet (co-director) Author:

Garth Jennings Stars:

Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane | In a city without humanity, the animals, a koala named Buster Moon, feel that he will soon be hisHall will lose if he can not do it. It is also possible to schedule a contest corner where the winner receives $ 1,000. Is that enough to gain fame?

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