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Justice League 2017

Due to his renewed belief in humanity and led by Superman’s selfish act, Bruce Vaine uses his new partner, Diana Princa, to deal with the worst enemy.


Zack Snider Writers:

Jerri Siegel (created by Superman), Joe Shuster (created by Superman) | Due to his restored faith in humans and led by the humble step of Superman, Bruce Vaine uses the support of his new partner, Diana Princa, to deal with the worst enemy. Together,Batman and Vonder Voman are working hard to find and lease Meta-people against this new threat. But with the creation of this incredible league of heroes – Batman, Wonder Voman, Akuaman, Ciborg and Flash – maybe it’s too late to save the world from bad attacks.

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Hell Fest 2018

The serial killer mask changed the theme park to its own playground, terrorizing a group of friends, while other visitors believed it was part of the show. Natalia’s student (Forsyth) visits her childhood friend BROKER (Edwards) and her neighbors Taylor (Taylor-Klaus). If this is the third year, and their girls can climb the concert or bar, but Halloween means like everyone else they budutpryv’yazanyy for HELLESTEST – it’s a big maze of rides, gamesand mazes around the country and in the city. Every year thousands visit the hell of the festival to get involved in a terrible carnival nightmare. But for a single visitor, Hell Fest is not an attraction – it’s a hunting ground. The ability to kill a clear view of the barking audience also falls into a very pleasant atmosphere to recognize the terrible reality that plays in front of the eyes. When the number is the State and the fun of the people continues to grow, itchanged his face mask NATALIE, Brock, Taylor and their friends, who will fight for the survival of the night.

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