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Bolshoi: The Nutcracker 2018

Fathom Events, through Experience and Path Shows the special performance of Big Ballet The Nutcracker, direct from Moscow, Russia, to select movie theaters all over the country only on Sunday, December 17th. At midnight on Christmas Eve, Marian’s life at Marian nozzle and became a prince. Soon he participated in other toys that also lived, Marie and his prince passed to a memorable adventure dreamer. A festive tradition for the whole family, the Nutcracker fills the Big Stage for two hoursof beauty and magic.

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Peppermint 2018

Five years after her husband and daughter were killed in a violent assault, the wife of self-determination returned to revenge those who responded to the system and to die them.


author Pierre Morel:

Chad St. John’s Star:

Jennifer Garner, John Gallagher, John Ortiz | Five years after her husband and daughter were assassinated in violent violence, women alone returned from exile to deny responsibility and the system they left.

RileySwakker wakes upa coma after experiencing the cruel murder of her and her daughter. When Riley’s Justice Defender decides to be transformed from civil to urban militia. In the heart of the mind young widow spent many years hiding D Ask her mind, body and spirit become immortal powers. Avoid the undergroundThe world, the police and the FBI, Riley launches deadly searches to impose his own personal penalties.

Mint is an action thriller telling the stories of zhenite Ray North (Garner)who woke up from a coma after her husband and her daughter were killed in a violent attack on the family. When the system prevents the offender of justice, Riley tried to become civilians. Neodobrenia of her motivation is personal, she has a few years in the hiding of your body and your mind is unable to quit trying to avoid survivors losing police and the FBI – while she has justified herself.

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