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Alpha 2018

Epic adventure in the last ice age. Europe, 20,000 years ago. During his first hunt with his tribes, he loved most of the elite groups, the young man was injured and remained dead. Awake to be overwhelmed and lonely – he must learnsurvive and pass through the harsh and ruthless desert. Reluctantly taming a lone wolf left behind by his pack, the couple learns to trust each other and become an unlikely ally with numerous dangers.the onset of a deadly winter.

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Dragonball Z: Saiyan Double Feature 2018

Your favorite movie of Dragon Ball Z appear on the big screen for the first time! The Events of Toei Animation assume and calm the Welsh album with the Guitar and Fusion Father for two days on November 3 and 5 only Cinema viewers also have the opportunity to get business cards at any time!

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Oceans 8.2018

Debbie Ocean collects a crew trying to stop an impossible run in New Year’s city Met Gala.

Debbie Ocean meets the crew of all female sexes to try to be unable to escape at the annual gala dinner in New York.


Writers Gary Ross:

GaryRoss (scenario bi),Olivia Milch (scenario) | Further sister Denis Ousin, Debbie, is trying to pass the end of the century to the annual gala evening gala in New York. Your first stop is to start the perfect suspension of the woman: Lu, Rose, Daphne Klanger, Nine Ball, Tammy, Amita and Constanta.

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The Dark Knight 2008

While the threat known as Joker occurs due to its remarkable history, it causes disorder and confusion to the people of Gotham. Dark Knight must accept one of the physical and psychological tests of his ability to fight against injustice.


Christopher Nolan author:

Jonathan Nolan (Script), Christopher Nolan (Screenplay) | Starting in the year BatmanBagins, Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon and new public prosecutor Harvey Dent have succeeded in collecting criminalswho get GothamMji up to the mystery of the mystery and sadness known as Joker in Gotham to be seen by a new wave of controversy. The Batman fight against Coringa is personal, compelling him to “deal with everything he believes” and to improve his technology to prevent it. The loving triangle was founded by Bruce Wayne, Dent and Rachel Dawes.

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