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Call Me by Your Name 2017

In Italy, the romance of the 80s developed between a seventeen year old student and an elderly man who was hired as a scientific assistant for his father.


Author Luca Guadanino:

James Ivory (script), Andr Asiman (after the novel) Bintang:

Hammer soldier, Timothy Shalamet, Michael Shtulbarg HUBUNGISAYA YOUR NAMES, the new film by Luke Guadanni, is a sensual and transcendental story of the first Love, based on the famous novel by Andre Asimane. It’s 1983 in northern Italy,and Elio Perlmane (Timothy Chalamet), with a premature young 17-year-old who spent his days in his family villa from the 17th century, where he copied classical music with his girlfriend Marzia, played and played classical music (Esther Garrel). Elio maintained a close relationship with his father (Michael Shtulbarg), an extraordinary Greco-Roman professor of culture, and Mama Annella (Amira Kasar), a translator who supported him with high cultural fruits in an environment thatfull of natural pleasures. Although Elio’s fine and intellectual gift shows that he is an adult, many remain innocent and not formed, especially in the heart region. One day, Oliver (Army Hammer), a 24-year-old American student, works

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Galveston 2018

SAINT-BEING SERIOUSLY mob Criminal enforcer reached man, and put the double cross-thrust standard. After the murder of the killer to kill Roy opens Rocky virgin before he was treated almost in the trap and rape. Health and determination to find refuge in Austin, Rhodesten must find a way to not follow the boss, trying to run faster and Demon Rocky from his past.

Hitman escapes from a country dying receipAustinde believes that his pain.


writers Lawrence Mlanie;

NIC PIZZOLATTO (likeJim Hammett), NIC PIZZOLATTO (based on the novel) Start:

BenFoster, Jeffrey Grover, Christopher Amitrano | thriller of crime noir, New Orleans, Austin Hitman John Cady is the center, with a diagnosis of cancer of the lung in 40 of cancer before he can not be true, that is a chief gangster problem more urgent in a way that will eliminate business voluitde – of the world – forinstallation. Spin speed is teenager saved Hooker Raquel “Rocky” Arceneaux. Her sister, Tiffany was convinced ofto take the child, it is a new one, and then when people smoke, the leaders holders of their country and as a punishment and redemption.

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Empire Records 1995

A day in the lives of employees of Empire Records. Moreover, this is the day when everything is in order for many of those who are confronted with personal crises – can they go out together? View the complete resume

Directed by:

Alan Mool Writer:

Karoll Heikinen Stars:

Anthony La Palay, Debbie Mazar, MaxwellKalfield A day in the lives of employees of Empire Records. In fact, this is the day when everything will become the head of a large number of people who are dealing with personalcrises – can they come together? More importantly, can they keep their independent recordings that are not absorbed by corporate greed?

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Johnny English Strikes Again 2018

The new adventure begins when the cyber reveals the identity of all underground agents in the UK, leaving Johnnie England as the secret service of the last hope. On retirement, English finally comes to work with a mission to find hackers masters. Likea person with little skill and analogyJohnny English has to overcome the challenges of modern technology to make this mission a success.

After a cyber attack, concealing the identity of all operating underground agents in the UK, Johnny English must leaveretirement to find a magistrate level.

Directed by:

DavidKerr Author:

Villiam Davis (Screen) Stars:

Olga Kurilenko, Emma Thompson, Rowan Atkinson JOHN ENGLISH STREYS is again the third part of the comedy “Johnny English”, and Rovan Atkinson returns as a casual secret agent.The new adventure begins when the Cyber ​​attack reveals the identity of all of them who have labels in the UK, leaving Johnny English as the ultimate hope of the secret services. With his retirement, the English first began working with a mission to find a master’s degreelevel. As a person with little skill and analogy, Johnny English has to overcome the challenges of modern technology to succeed in this mission.

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The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Free Torrent

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The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Clary children need an interesting and unique key to open boxes with precious gifts. Copper thread made him understand what he loved, but he disappeared in relatively parallel and strange world.In this world he meets a soldier named Phillip, a group of pigs and commanders of the Three Kingdoms leaders. Clara and Philip now need four kingdoms to corrupt and restore prosperity in a world of insecurity.

Young girls are sent into the worldSweet magic and spicy soup.


LasseHalstream, Joe Johnston Writer:

Ashley Powell (screenplay), Ashley Powell (script) | All Clara wants him to be the key – this is the key to opening the box that holds precious gifts from his dead mother.The golden thread, donating him on Drosselmeyer’s annual baptismal night, made him into a beloved core that quickly disappeared into a relatively parallel and strange world. That is where ClaraSoltad meets Philip, a group of rats and families who lead the three kingdoms:Country snowflakes, land of flowers and candy. Claradan Philip must be brave in the fourth land of the evil kingdom, where the tyranny of the ginger lives to make Clara important, and we hope to bring balance to the unstable world.

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